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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mukasey Update - Nice One, Democrats!

Heh-heh-heh. Looks like the Democrats were not so thrilled with Judge Michael Mukasey's hedging on waterboarding.

In response to Michael Mukasey's professed ignorance as to what waterboarding is, all eight Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have sent Mukasey a detailed primer on the centuries-old torture technique. It includes some surprising historical details: did you know, for instance, that during the occupation of Japan, the U.S. prosecuted Japanese soldiers who waterboarded U.S. POWs?


The Senators write, "Please respond to the following question: Is the use of waterboarding, or inducing the misperception of drowning, as an interrogation technique illegal under U.S. law, including treaty obligations?"
Apparently, Mr. Mukasey will not be confirmed as Attorney General without answering that question. And it's a very important one, because Darth Cheney has famously claimed that using waterboarding in questioning suspected terrorists is a "no-brainer."

It looks like our Democratic Senators are learning how to screen the Deciderer's nominees - even the ones suggested by fellow Democrats as consensus-builders.

Very nicely done. Now, would you just listen to Chris Dodd about telecom immunity? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to have decided it's safe to follow his lead....

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