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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

North Korea No Bomb - Iran No Bomb Too?

You know what? There's actually some good news out of North Korea today.

BEIJING — North Korea will provide a complete list of its nuclear programs and disable its facilities at its main reactor complex by Dec. 31, actions which will be overseen by a U.S.-led team, according to a statement released Wednesday by the six nations involved in disarmament talks.

The U.S. has been involved in six-party talks in North Korea for the past four years, and amazingly, THEY WORKED. Isn't it funny how not bombing countries with nuclear programs can be so effective?

Unfortunately, Fear and Loathing, Inc. will, as always, fail to learn the right lesson from this positive result. If asked by the compliant and complicit traditional media why they can't enter six-party talks with Iran as well, they'll say that Iran is killing our soldiers in Iraq and is harboring a terrorist organization. (Gee, sounds just like Saudi Arabia! Why don't we bomb them then?)

What they won't tell you is the truth, which even Alan Greenspan admitted recently. If an unfriendly country has oil, any excuse to invade and steal its resources will do.

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