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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gore Encore!

Well, from my (admittedly quick) reading of the many emails on the Netroots for Gore group, it appears that some folks want to just add his name to the ballot, such as the "California For Gore" group, and some feel that after the Nobel Prizes are handed out on October 12, Our Al will finally say Yes or No.

I find myself more in the October 12th camp. If the man who "used to be the President of the United States" definitively states that he is not up for a second run - and there could be many reasons for this, not the least being how he was treated the first time - then there is nothing we can, or should, do to try to force him into it.

However, if he says he is open to it, I think a huge letter-writing campaign, freeway blogging with "Run, Al, Run!" signs, and whatever else we can think of SHOULD BE DONE to convince our man that we really, really like him. And if, delirium-inducing possibility indeed, he jumps in the race - he's got my time AND my money, although, most probably, he won't need them.

Just my two cents.

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