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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bring Our Troops Home Blogswarm Day

Today is a day to remember that, no matter how interested we are in what Eliot Spitzer or David Paterson do in their personal lives, there is a larger issue out there that is impacting every aspect of American life - the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is continuing the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan pointlessly maiming, torturing and killing Americans, Iraqis and Afghanis?


Is it destroying our army?

Check - notice who was against the escalation before he was for it. Another lying flip-flop from McCaca.

Is it destroying our economy?


Has it almost completely destroyed our reputation among our allies and greatly impaired our ability to negotiate with Middle Eastern countries like Iran, which used to be much friendlier to our interests?


I saw the odious Fred Kagan on Jim Lehrer's show recently. He was adamant that we not, NOT call Iraq an occupation. Why? Because it's true, and it shows the inherent uselessness and malignance of our presence in Iraq after these five long years.

Impeach Bush and Cheney. Bring them home.

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