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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuck-Tuck-Tucker, GoodBye

Hopeful Wooooooohooooooo!

Tucker Carlson, the formerly bowtied, banal Face of Evil at MSNBC, will apparently be fired today.

I don't know the person who is quoted on the possible reasons for the buh-bye, but Mr. Alex Blaze certainly has a way with words.

"Maybe MSNBC has realized that swinging to the Right to try and shake out Fox News for viewers isn't a winning strategy," opines The Bilerico Project's Alex Blaze. "Or maybe they realized that at least half their commentators should accept the reality that white men aren't oppressed. Or maybe they think that people don't want to watch a bully wannabe talk about his fun days of beating up [gays]. Or maybe they got tired of his history of abusing the rules of logic, evidence, and reality."
May I add to that excellent summation?

Perhaps MSNBC looked at Rachel Maddow, then looked at Tucker, then looked at Rachel again and said, "Hmmmmm....who are people really liking and respecting on this show?"

We don't know who will replace him, or what format the show will take, but I'm optimistic as always, and I'm hoping it's La Maddow. Despite her recent Obamania, she's still one of the most intelligent and insightful liberal/progressive political commentators around; and it sure would be nice to see more of them on my teevee.

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