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Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, J. S.!

It's Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday today. My recommendation? Listen to some of Bach's beautiful music and allow it to pick up your spirits, even if you're observing Good Friday.

We can't be sad and intense every day. Bach may have written The St. Matthew Passion, but he also wrote The Coffee Cantata.


Kinggame said...

Bach does rule. One of the true greats.

madamab said...

Heh. See, we can agree on some things.

As for your advice about my blog, thanks, but I think I'll just keep writing the way I want to write.


Flying Junior said...

As an organist, there is no greater pleasure than playing one of my favorite pieces by Bach and expressing that melodic eloquence to an appreciative listening audience. No one did more to expand the creative scope of music and at the same time create timeless glimpses of beauty. His sacred music is particularly wonderful, skillfully reflecting his own deep-rooted faith. His experiments with harmony foreshadowed much of the harmonic excess of the romantic composers Mendelssohn and Brahms, who adored him. I could go on.

Schmucke dich meine liebe seele

madamab said...

That was beautiful and moving, flying junior! Thank you for sharing your feelings about one of the greatest composers of all time.

Indeed, Bach had been completely out of vogue until Mendelssohn rediscovered him. His championing of J.S. is yet another reason to like the 19th-century composer.