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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Courtesy of Frequent Commenter Flying Junior...

here is more, from the incomparable Greg Palast, about the extremely innnnnnteresting timing of Eliot Spitzer's downfall. Thanks for pointing it out, FJ!

Highlights include the true history of sub-prime mortgages and deregulation, how the predatory lending was (surprahz, surprahz!) racially targeted, and how those big bucks Ben Bernanke threw to the banking industry might not have been available had Governor Spitzer still been in charge.

Just read it. You won't be disappointed, but you will be, once again, enraged at the sheer unmitigated gall of the Bushies.

And perhaps you'll be a little less upset at the Democrats for not stopping them. The Democrat Surveillance Program is a very powerful weapon...

1 comment:

Timmy B said...

Get out of my head! I was reading this, this morning. I was thinking there sure seems to be a lot of interest in a personal mess. Your post makes me more suspicious.