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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Wright Again.

Despite the personally insulting nature of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's recently-publicized sermon, it took Senator Hillary Clinton about a week to say anything even remotely critical about Obama's 20-year mentor, pastor and friend. (Wow, she sure is evil and diabolical and would do "anything to win!") She kept her mouth shut until she was asked directly about what she would have done had she been in Obama's place. Her comments were that you can't choose your relatives, but you can choose your church, and that she would not have chosen that church. When pressed to say more, condemning Wright the way that Obama himself has done on numerous occasions (including in the Greatest Speech Evah), she would not do so, calling religion a "personal choice," and that everyone would have to evaluate what Obama had done for themselves and make their own decisions.

Well, duh.

There is so much bullshit and apologia going around about Obama's spectacularly poor judgment in choosing this church that it absolutely astonishes me. My favorite one is this:

"You can't pigeonhole the message of this church with a few soundbites!"

Oh, really? Then why did the church create that video and put it on the TUCC website for sale? Weren't TUCC and Wright the ones creating the soundbites and promoting them as representative of the church's message?

Look. If Hillary really were the caricature the haters make her out to be, then she would certainly have been hammering away at Obama over this the second it came out. Obama would be done for in about five milliseconds. Instead, it was Obama who took the low road (as usual), by putting out a photo of Bill Clinton shaking Wright's hand ten years ago. How pathetic. Obama did the same thing with a photo of Hillary, as First Lady, shaking Reszko's hand. Yes, public pictures are the exact same thing as close 17-year and 20-year relationships!

Who is Obama trying to "bamboozle" with this ridiculous false-equivalency crap? Why, his own followers, many of whom are already going from the assumption that Hillary and Bill are genuinely horrible people. (Never mind why they think this, they JUST KNOW IT!!!11J!!!!) Don't you love a "unity" candidate who repeatedly and constantly smears his opponent while pretending to be a pure and holy person? Remind you of anyone else who said he was a "uniter, not a divider?"

Let me tell you who is REALLY destroying the Democratic Party. It's the folks that insist that one candidate is a saint, and the other is a monster. It's the folks whose candidate repeatedly said he would not support Senator Clinton if she were the nominee and has only recently changed his tune. It's the folks whose candidate has been negative from the very beginning of the campaign. It's the haters, the irrational, the ones who make their decisions on emotions, not facts.

As I've said before, Senator Obama's Hatin' Hillary supporters don't seem to understand who the enemy really is. But true-blue Democrats know: it's Senator John "More Wars, My Friends" McCain.

The sad thing is, they won't even get it once Obama is being pummeled by McCaca and the right-wing scream machine after his nomination. They'll cling to their delusions of Obama's electability even then.

And then, when we inaugurate President McCaca in 2009, whose fault will it be?

Why, Hillary Clinton's, of course.


Timmy B said...

Whats the old adage, Republicans eat other peoples children, Democrats eat their own? I agree,both sides need to turn down the volume and put the political target on McSame. This is tiring.

madamab said...

Word, timmy b!

If only the Hillary Haters hadn't taken over the major lefty blogs, we would be hearing a lot more about McCaca and what a terrible candidate he is.

Let's hope we can all forgive and forget come November. I myself am almost to the point where I won't vote for Obama. Me, a lifelong Democrat! It's just ridiculous!!!!

Timmy B said...

Ever since Edwards dropped out (Sob!) I've been mostly leaning towards Obama. This has to do with me being uncomfortable with Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton, and nothing to do with her personally. If she gets the nod, I would be more than happy to vote for her. She's a talent we need high in government. We must unite behind the winner. Trust a Zonie, you do not by any means want McSame in the White House

madamab said...

Wow, you are from Arizona? I've heard that folks in his home state think McCaca is a total schmuck and don't buy his "Straight Talk" schtick. :-)

I applaud your openmindedness, Timmy B. If only more Obama (and Clinton) supporters were like you, I don't think we'd all be so angry at each other...