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Monday, March 24, 2008

We Don't Need No Crocodile Tears, George

Our Deciderer is vewy, vewy sad about the (at least) 4000 dead U.S. soldiers that he murdered for profit. No, REALLY! (No word yet on whether he's cried for the millions of displaced, tortured and murdered Iraqis, but if he does, I'm sure CNN will cover those very important drops of saltwater.)

President Bush is "grieved by the moment" as the U.S. military death toll in Iraq surpassed 4,000, his spokeswoman said today.

"He obviously is grieved by the moment, but he mourns the loss of every single life, from the very first that was lost in this conflict, to the ones that are lost today," White House press secretary Dana Perino told reporters this morning.

Bush "bears the responsibility for the decisions that he made, and he also bears the responsibility to continue to focus on succeeding. And one of the things that he hears from families of the fallen is that they want him to lead the country to complete the mission [emphasis added]."

Oh! Silly me! I thought the mission was ACCOMPLISHED. I wonder why so many people died AFTER we won the war?

As for the rest, Dana, you lying whore, Bush bears NO responsibility for anything he has ever done. Everyone in America knows this by now. As I've said before, his only job is to catapult the propaganda - or as my husband says, he's a cheerleader. He and his Bushbots lied 935 times to drag us into Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Condi are vampires feeding off Iraq's resources, and the more they suck, the more they need. They're addicted to the no-bid contracts and all that free-flowing oil, especially at the special Bush-Cheney price of $110/barrel.

We don't need tears and prayers. We need action.

Unfortunately, with these vampires in charge of our government, we won't get any. All we'll get are professions of grief and the same old "stay the course" policy we've had for five fucking years.

And if we elect McCaca in 2008, we'll have many, many more years of this war - and I suspect we'll all be crying a lot more as our husbands, fathers and sons are drafted for the new Vietnam's meat grinder.

But our grief, unlike Bush's, will be real.

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