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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting My Obama Talking Points Right

Here's what the Obamans say:

  • Declaring the "first Black President" (and his wife by extension) racist - not divisive.

  • Copying the "Harry and Louise" flyer from the anti-Hillarycare days to lie about Hillary's health care plan - not divisive.

  • Based on the evidence of right-wing shill Matt Drudge's anonymous sourcing, accusing Hillary of disseminating a photo of him in a turban - not divisive.

  • Publicly saying he's not sure his voters would vote for Hillary - not divisive.

  • Stating repeatedly that he'd put Republics in his Cabinet - not divisive.

  • Claiming that it's Bill Clinton's fault that the Democrats lost Congressional and gubernatorial seats in 1994, conveniently ignoring that 1994 was the year of the Gingrich Revolution - not divisive.

  • Everything Hillary does - divisive. And of course, horrific, inexcusable, slimy, and Republican-lite.
Look, I'm not saying Hillary is perfect; far from it. She has indeed gone very negative lately. But a veritable truckload of slime has been pouring from the Obama campaign from the very beginning, and it's pretty much destroyed the Clintons' reputations. I find it very hard to forgive Senator Obama for that, since Bill was our first really successful and popular Democratic president since FDR. Now who do we have to be proud of as a party? And do we really hate ourselves that much, and are we such big fucking babies, that if our preferred candidate does not win the nomination we just won't vote? Do we really not get that McCaca would be worse than the Worst President Evah?

I really still wish for a combined candidacy, because I think that would be the biggest landslide we've seen in a long time. In fact, I'd like to see some polling on that! But I also think that it would be uniting for the Democratic Party to see these two bitter opponents put aside their differences for the good of the country and for the party.

Perhaps a deal will be struck tonight. (And people say Hillary supporters have no optimism!)

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