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Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama and Pastor Wright: Live By the Cross...

And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Senator, this is what happens when you campaign on your Christianity and you're a Democrat. McCaca's wacky religious affiliations are being suppressed, of course - IOKIYJM (It's OK If You're John McCain) - but we must admit, in fairness, that these are endorsements by, not 20-year close personal relationships with, controversial figures.

Here is one of Obama's campaign flyers, via Talking Points Memo.

Barack Obama, Committed Christian

In what universe would it not be okay to report on Obama's church after he has campaigned like this? Add this to the already virulent anti-Democratic bias in the mainstream media, and there was absolutely no chance that Pastor Wright's inflammatory views would not come out. Earth to the Senator from Illinois: When you are running for President on how incredibly holy and Christian you are, you had better be a boring old Methodist, Presbyterian or Catholic.

Let me be clear. I am a lefty-left Democrat, and I don't see too much wrong with a lot of what Pastor Wright said. Haven't all of us super-liberal folks wanted to scream "God Damn America" when our government does something particularly horrific? But the vast majority of Americans are not lefty-left Democrats. They don't want to hear that 9/11 was blowback from our crappy Middle Eastern foreign policy, even though it was. They don't want to hear that blacks are treated unfairly in America, even though they absolutely are. Americans are raised and nurtured on the idea that our country is the "shining city on the hill." What about this is difficult to understand?

I have said for the past week that there is now, in my mind, absolutely no chance that Obama will beat McCain in the general election. He is toast. I personally don't think there is anything he can do to erase those 20 years of extremely close association with the pastor.

Will the Obamans finally get a clue and stop shoving this man down our throats? He has won mostly caucuses and states that will not go Democratic in the fall if he is the nominee. (Sorry, Utah and Kansas are not going to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Get real.) Their movement is much smaller than they think it is in their Internet echo chambers. We have to think strategically and not pine wistfully for the candidate who we think is more inspirational.

Hillary is the only answer for November. If we nominate Obama, I very much fear that the twin narratives of "scary black Muslim" (Wright) and "corrupt politician" (Reszko) will torpedo his chances.

And then prepare for the worst: Say hello to President McCaca, and "more wars, my friends."

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