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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Will of the People?

Since neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton can be the Democratic nominee without the SuperDelegates (unless one of them drops out, of course), there has been a lot of talk about what those SuperDelegates should do at the convention. Should they represent the so-called Will of the People (heard most often from Obamans, but also from Hillary partisans and neutrals)? Or should they do what they think is best for the nation?

It's a tough question, but I think the answer is clear. They must do what they were put there to do - use their own judgment when selecting the nominee.

This "will of the people" meme sounds very democratic, does it not? But the problem is, the will of the people is unclear. Senators Clinton and Obama are practically tied in delegates and popular vote, especially if you stop ignoring the voters in Michigan and Florida simply because the DNC may not seat their delegates. (Big mistake. Huge mistake. Do something please, Howard! Do a re-vote or seat the delegates as they are...or feel the wrath of millions of disenfranchised Democratic voters in November.)

Why would the SuperDelegates want to duplicate a tie?

Yes, I do want Hillary to be the nominee now and someone other than Obama to be her VP, after the Reverend Wright business with Obama has made it impossible for him to win the General Election. (No, America will not elect a man whose preacher gives Louis Farrakhan an award and screams "God Damn America!" from the pulpit. Na ga hapin.) But think about it - if the SuperDelegates vote the way their states voted, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Bill Richardson will all have to vote for Hillary, when they are pledged to Obama! That doesn't seem right, does it?

In my opinion, this race will come down to the wire. If I were Hillary, I'd hang in there until Pennsylvania, at least. We will see what the long-term effects of the Wright scandal will be in the primary, but I don't doubt for one minute that if Obama is the nominee, we will see a lot more videos like these (courtesy of the "OMG! I totally didn't realize we were putting out this ad - let's play it again 70 more times on CNN!" McCaca campaign.)

And isn't it interesting that even though Hillary ZOMG!!!1!!!ksoiu5! will Do Anything To Win, she has stayed quiet and classy about this possibly fatal wound to Obama, while Obama has returned to his customary slimy assaults on Clinton's character and judgment?

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